Birthday Parties @ Your Venue

If you have a suitable piece of grassland or your back garden is big enough then why not have a Pony or even a Unicorn arrive and suprise the Birthday person and their guests.

Experienced, Fully Licenced and Insured our team will arrive with the necessary equipment and members of staff to ensure your party goers have the time of their lives, if there is time after everyone has ridden the children can all have a go at grooming the ponies.



Book Today 01843 822251

For more information on Nelson Park bringing a pony or Unicorn to your venue, please contact us.

01843 822251 or



Please note all prices for Parties at your venue include mileage within the Thanet area and surrounding villages, whilst we are happy to travel to further distances will be at an additional cost, subject to mileage, please call for details.

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