What Nelson Park will provide..
Nelson Park Reserve the right to change our terms and conditions without prior notice but will notify you of changes.

1.    The yard is open from 7.30am to 7.30pm, if you would like to visit the yard outside of these hours permission must be sought from the owners.
2.    Nelson Park agrees that at all times will provide a safe and suitable environment for the horse / pony to be kept and any agreed services in an efficient and caring manner which meets the welfare needs of the horse / pony.
3.    There will be a member of staff on the premises throughout the night
4.    Horses will be turned out by a member of staff as much as possible but does depend on weather and ground conditions being safe.
5.    Horses / ponies will be in small groups split into mares and geldings in somecases the ponies may be mixed, this will be left to the staff discretion and experience.
6.    Provide a stable with bedding and water and daily care of stable.
7.    Provisions of appropriate hay and feed.
8.    Use of solarium and hot horse shower, a surcharge applies.
9.    Bringing in and changing rugs,
10.    Provisions of appropriate hay, haylege and hard feeds.
11.    Access to an area of hardstanding where the horse / pony may be groomed / shod and booking your horse with the farrier.
12.    Keeping track of your horse / ponies teeth, injections and veterinary visits.
13.    Checking and monitoring its performance and health and records of worm test results
14.    NPEC Staff will bring the horse / pony in for shoeing and veterinary treatments
15.    Nelson Park staff will do daily inspection of both stabled and field kept horses.
16.    Paddock skipping out.
17.    Use of flood lit indoor and outdoor arenas.
18.    Club room and rest facilities.
19.    Alarmed tack rooms.
20.    Use of solarium and hot horse shower, a surcharge applies.
21.    Use of the horse walker (subject to terms and conditions).
22.    We will book the farrier and vet to attend the yard for routine treatments.

All equipment kept on the premises is at the owners own risk.

The owner has the use of tack rooms during normal working hour.  

Tack rooms will be locked at certain times for burglary reasons is we feel they could be at risk.

Whilst all the tack rooms are alarmed if the yard does get burgled and your tack is stolen or damaged NPEC will not be liable for any claims for replacement or repairs you will need to claim of your own insurance policy

Any tack / equipment used or long term borrowed from the centre is subject to a weekly hire charge and will be invoiced.  

All items damaged must be paid for or replaced.

The FULL livery owner is to ensure the horse is fully insured for public liability, mortality, loss of use and and all riding school use and a photocopy of the insurance policy is to be handed in with the livery agreement. If you do not give a copy of the required insurance you will be liable for any claims  made against you from other third parties

The FULL livery owner is to give notice of ONE FULL CALENDAR month notice in writing if the horse is to be withdrawn from the FULL livery agreement. FULL livery  will continue for the full calendar month however if you  chose to leave before the full notice period then no refunds will be given.

If notice is given mid-month the of notice period then the FULL months notice will start from the next scheduled livery payment.

When notice is given and your horse / pony is due to leave ALL outstanding bills,from the VET, FARRIER or NELSON PARK must be settled in full, your horse / pony will not be able to leave the yard without all bills being settled.         

NPEC reserves the right to retain the horse, tack, rugs,  and passports will be held under a legal lien until all payments due are settled in full. If you fail to clear all monies owed legal proceedings will be started against you without notice. 

When removing your horse from the livery at Nelson Park, horses can only be taken Monday to Friday before 9am or after 6pm, Weekends before 8am  or after 7pm by the horses owner and family, if this is to be done by a third party this must be put into writing. The move date must also be put in writing with the planned day of the week prior to removal, failure to  do so, will be deemed a breach of contract.


The owners agrees that if the vet advises immediate euthanasia of the horse to prevent further suffering this will go ahead and every effort will be made by another member of staff to contact you., In the case of severe medical emergencies and the owner cannot be quickly be contacted NPEC  management in consultation with the vet will make the decision of treatment for the horse / pony, which best serves the horses welfare.

  1.  All resulting bills and disposal costs will be settled by the owner.