Lockdown 2021

Hello, being in National Lockdown again is hard enough, in these months of the year its even harder as a centre, the horses and ponies still all need feeding, they need water, they need to see the Vet, the Farrier and all need looking after, with little income now coming into the centre its even harder, it has been suggested that we created this page to show you some of the running costs involved, and if you are able maybe donate something to ensure the continued running and the looking after of them. Over 100 riding centre's went out of business in Lockdown 1

Their welfare is of utmost importance to us here and this is why all the full time members of staff and the apprentices are now all living at the centre, creating our own bubble and ensuring each others safety.

A bale of hay typical lasts 1 day feeding all the ponies and horses requiring hay.

Because of the poor crop in 2020 hay, straw and haylege are getting in short supply, this means the suppliers can ask anything upto £60.00 per bale, we are currently paying £35.00 per bale.

Haylege is the big black rounds you see in the car park, like haylege they are both expensive at the moment and hard to come by.

Due to the fermentation process during the making of haylage its actually lower in sugar than hay, and certainly lower than grass. So for ponies such as Pickles its better for him, costing £40.00 to £60.00 per round its lasting around 3 to 4 days, we are lucky to have paid just £40.00 per bale and we bought every bale the farmer had.

Bales of Straw are used for the bedding of the horses and ponies in their stables and field shelters, like the others the crop wasnt very good in 2020 and the farmers are again putting up the prices all the time, currently they are £45.00 per bale but subject to increasing prices.


Shavings are used when the horse or pony likes to eat the bedding, eating their bedding could cause impaction and colic. 

Hard to find at a good price at the moment as a lot of it as was the straw sold for burning to generate electricity or heat


Miscanthus is another alternative to the short supply Straw and Shavings for bedding, unpalateable to horses and ponies it relieves the worry of the straw being eaten, it looks similar to both hay and straw and gorwn in the west country and in the north, Kent don't seem to grow it.

Over 10 bales are required per stable to redo a bed.

Only available to purchase in large bulk orders.


Currently costing £12.50 per bale !



Hi Fi is one of the hard feeds our ponies and horses have its a food supplement made from Oat straw, alfalfa, molasses

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