Your dog is not permitted at the riding centre, all and any damages caused by our dogs to yours or your vehicles is your responsibility, this is our dogs homes and their teritory.

Riding is a risk sport
Your choice to ride is voluntary, we take all reasonable care to provide suitable and safe horses and ponies for our clients.  All animals can be unpredictable, we strongly advise you to take out full personal accident cover.

If you need to cancel a lesson then you must do this online via the booking system or the app.
We do not take cancellations on the phone, email or social media.
We have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. If you wish to cancel the lesson with less than 24 hours' notice from the lesson start time then you will not receive any credit on your account, nor will you receive a refund.
You will be required to confirm your cancellation on a pop up window, the pop up window will explain that due to less than the required notice period being given you will not be entitled to credit.

If you cancel with more than 48 hours' notice then the full amount paid for the lesson will be given as credit to your account. This credit can be used towards any future booking at Nelson Park Riding Centre Ltd.

Change of lessons.

We reserve the right to change your lesson times, if you are booked into any of the childrens groups on Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturdays discounted lessons we may need to move your rider if there is only one person in the group, we will move you to the closet time slot with availability, every effort will be made to contact you as these lessons are not viable to run with just one rider.

We reserve the right to cancel or change a rider’s lesson, you will receive an email stating this has happened and why, the lesson price will be credited to your booking account for use again.
We may cancel or move a lesson for your rider’s safety and / or wellbeing, you will receive and email explaining why, if cancelled by us the money will return to your booking account.
If you wish to cancel or edit outside of this period you will be refunded in account credit. Some of our activities may have a different policy so please ensure you read our refund policy.
If you book for an hour group riding session and you are the only rider the lesson will revert to a half hour private session we will try to inform you before the lesson but this isn’t always possible the online booking system is open for bookings and cancellations 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
Please contact us by email email@nelsonpark.co.uk if you need assistance.

Deposits for Camps, Clinics, Activity Courses and other Events.
Please note that all camps, activity courses, clinics and other events held by Nelson Park include a non-refundable deposit, the system currently is not able to show this as a separate cost.

Cancellation Policy for Camp if you cancel an Camp (Week long or more) there is a non-refundable deposit of £50.00, all spaces are limited and are on a first come first served basis, if we are able to resell your cancelled space the deposit may be refunded to your online booking account.

Cancellation Policy for Activity Courses if you cancel a Course (1 Day Event, Morning Session / Afternoon Session) there is a non-refundable deposit of £20.00, all spaces are limited and are on a first come first served basis, if we are able to resell your cancelled space the deposit may be refunded to your online booking account.

If a camp is cancelled 14 days prior to the start date there will be no refund as places are limited, if cancelled up-to 14 days before the start of the camp your money will be credited minus a £50.00 deposit / admin charge.

If you need to cancel your Activity Course, Camp, Clinic or other event regardless of the reason a non-refundable deposit will remain with us, the balance of the camp less the deposit will be returned to your booking account for future use, all spaces are limited and are on a first come first served basis, if we are able to resell your space your deposit could be returned to your booking account.

COVID - 19 Cancellations.
Cancellations due to Covid-19 related illnesses are subject to the same policy above we are not able to offer and refunds because of a Covid Infections.

Rider Information
It is 100% your responsibility to ensure that you and your riders information is maintained on our booking system, you receive emails every 6 months from when you registered requesting that you update your records, this will include height and weight of a rider, any medical information must also be updated, it is in your interests to ensure that everything is up-to date, failure to update the record could result in the wrong diagnosis or medical intervention being administered by the emergency services should they be required.  Please remember that horse and pony riding is a risk sport and should be treated as such at all times.
Weight’s occasionally you may be asked to step on the scales in the office, this is simply to ensure that your record shows the correct weight and the horse or pony is suitable for you, this is in the interest of the horse / pony welfare.

Riding Hat Loan / Purchase.
Please note we are only able to loan riding hats for 2 sessions, after this you are expected to purchase your own hat, the hat must conform to the current riding standards as displayed in our reception and tea room, this can also be found on our website under “Rider Information”

Purchasing Riding Hat’s.
We have riding hats available to purchase from our reception, please ask a member of staff, our senior staff are all specifically trained to fit riding hats correctly.
Riding Equipment.

Clients must supply their own riding equipment, a riding hat to current UK regulations and standards and appropriate footwear, body protectors, gloves etc, all guidance can be found using this link.

Nelson Park Riding Centre have their own branded T’shirts, Jackets, Hoodies and Sweatshirts for sale via our website, everything is purchasable via this page and securely processed by Paypal. http://www.ridinglessonsthanet.co.uk/shop-1
Covid-19 Safety.
Please ensure you abide with all current government regulations, remain social distanced if requested.
Clean riding gloves must be worn by all riders.
Please use hand sanitisers.
We reserve the right to take a Clients temperature if they are in our opinion showing symptoms of Covid-19, if it is deemed that you are unable to ride you will be asked to return home.

Please note that we are not responsible in any way whatsoever for your property, please ensure that your riding equipment, hats and gloves etc are all named, lost property is only kept for a period of 2 weeks and then disposed off how this is disposed of is our decision, please ensure everything is marked with your riders name.

First Things First

The basic clothing you will need for your first horse riding lesson is comfortable tops and bottoms.
You should aim to wear thin layers when riding, as if too hot you will be able to take layers off, and if learning in the winter you will be able to put extra layers on. Any comfortable pants should suffice, but you should aim to wear bottoms that are not baggy and no rough materials. This is to ensure the comfort of both you and the horse as your legs will be on the sides of the horse and may rub if a rough material. As you progress in your riding, it may be advisable to invest in a pair of good jodhpurs if you will be riding regularly. Regarding shoes for your first horse riding lesson, any strong boots would be suitable provided they are not too ‘grippy’ (in the case of hiking boots) and it might be a good idea to have a small heel. By wearing shoes with a small heel, you run less of a risk of your foot slipping through the stirrup. Your riding school will be able to advise you best in this instance, as they may allow you to wear trainers for the first couple of lessons until you can get something more suitable. As above, as your riding progresses you may want to buy a pair of paddock or riding boots if you think you want to continue up the levels. Gloves may also be a good idea to take just in case, as it prevents rubs on your fingers and provides a sturdier grip for the reins. Your riding school will give the best advice on this as they may allow you to take some non-riding specific gloves you already have.
Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice being given.